Thursday, April 30, 2009


Summer is here and we would, definitely, like to make the most of that 'boon' (!)
Let me talk about Potato-sago crispies,which is very tasty and easy to prepare !

The first requirement to do this is a square or rectangular piece of plastic sheet to dry the crispies in the sun.Next, if you have a deck,well and good.A terrace or a space open to sky is also perfect.Be careful , I am not to be blamed if you have rabbits/deers at your backyard!


Potatoes 1 kg
Sago (Sabudana) 1 kg
Green chillies 100 gms(25-30 nos)
Asafoetida powder 2 tsps
Sea salt 2-1/2 Tblsps
Lemon juice 4-5 Tblsps
Thenguzhal Naazhi (Maruti or Anjali kitchen Press)


Rinse the dry sabudana once gently .Leave only 2 cups of water (approximately), at the bottom of the vessel in which you are going to soak the sabudana.(This is to be done on the previous night) Remember, the vessel needs to be really big to accommodate the 'puffed' sabudana,which would rise in volume two to three times the original level.The next morning,clean and pressure-cook the potatoes .Peel and grate them.Grind green chillies,asafoetida and salt in a mixie and add this to the mashed potato.

Now, take a colander and put the sabudana in it.Heat a gallon of water and when it reaches the boiling point,boil for two more minutes and pour it instantly over the sabudana.Let it drain.
When most of the water has drained out,mix it with the mashed potatoes and mix,mix and mix
thoroughly from top to bottom.

Spread a sheet and see to it that the four corners are put under some weights(like paper wrapped stones or some heavy objects, so that the wind does not topple the sheet).Take a
vatral/vadam making PRESS (Mullu-thenguzhal achchu) and in turn,pour out all the potato-sago mix onto the sheet . No specific design is necessary.Go on pressing it from the hand press in straight lines or in any direction or in any design Once dry, we are going to crumble them , anyway ! Let dry for the whole day.The next day,remove the semi-crispies from the sheet and put them all together to dry on the same sheet.To be on the safer side,dry the crispies for the third time also and then,store them in containers to keep for a whole year!
N.B. The crispies can be put in the micro-wave, if you want them to be oil-free !


  1. Great! Can you post a picture of the press you used, along with the acchu?

    Can add some cilantro and/or mint to the green chillies while grinding them to add a different dimension to the crisps? Make another batch with tomato paste? Yet another with jeera? Red onions? Whoa! The possibilities seem endless. Thank you! That is delicious!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. These crispies taste best when they are half baked under the sun. I miss those 'arave-kadus' so much!