Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easy spring-roll sevai !

Think about sevai ! Aah ! Doesn't your mouth water? Well, I have come up with a very easy dosai- sevai,which is very convenient and easy to prepare ! This was introduced to me by my friend, Raji, who hails from a renowned family of 'Komutti' chettiar community.All my children and relatives enjoyed eating this at my home whenever I made this .

Good quality boiled rice 2 cups
Salt 2 tsps

For coconut sevai:-
  1. Grated coconut 1 cup
  2. Green chillies 4 nos
  3. Asafoetida powder 1/4 tsp
  4. Mustard 1/2 tsp
  5. Urad(Black gram) dal 2 tsps
  6. Red chilli (dry) 1
  7. Coconut oil 1 tsp
  8. sesame oil/ghee 2 tsps
  9. Curry leaves 2 sprigs
For lemon sevai:
  1. Lemon juice 4 tsps
  2. Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
  3. Sesame oil 3 tsps
  4. Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
  5. Chana dal (kadalai paruppu) 2 tsps
  6. Asafoetida powder 1/4 tsp
  7. Red chillies 3 nos
  8. Green chilli 1
  9. Curry leaves 2 sprigs
  10. Salt ( if required ) 1/2 tsp

Soak the boiled rice for 4 hours.Clean it thoroughly and grind it nicely.From the point of grinding,three cups of water can be added to the rice, so that, the batter is to a pouring consistency. Later on, at any time this can be diluted,adding more water if needed.
Add salt.

Now, on a heated wide non-stick pan , smear a little oil and wipe the excess .Take a ladleful of the batter and make a thin dosai and cover it with a lid.After a minute,open the lid and put the dosai on a wide plate and sprinkle a little water over it.Repeat with the rest of the batter, everytime sprinkling water over each dosai and stacking them.(This can also be stacked like a set of four or five dosais at a time,when making in large numbers).This process is to prevent dosais sticking to one another.

Now,roll a set of four dosais and cut them with kitchen shears as thinly as possible.Repeat with the rest of the dosais and split the rolls into two parts,one for the coconut and the other for the lemon sevai.(If you have a sweet-tooth, you can also make a sweet sevai out of it,by just adding coconut,sugar,elaichi and ghee !)

For the lemon sevai, heat oil in a kadaai and season the listed ingredients except the lemon juice,which should be added finally.Likewise,season all the listed ingredients except grated coconut and curry leaves which should be added finally.For the coconut sevai, a tablespoon of curd added,will enhance the colour and taste of it .

That's all, folks! Enjoy the yum-yum sevai !

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  1. Looks interesting Athai!
    Mouth watering too... need to try it out... come here soon :D