Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well , folks,
After a considerable gap,I am back again to share one interesting recipe,which is very easy to prepare and yummy, too!

As you all know, there seems to be a special liking for 'ADAI' for everyone of us. Yes, it definitely has a magic spell!But thinking of the laborious preparation that prefixes it, we hesitate to go through the decision we'd already made and there we stop! But this one I suggest here is so easy that it can be done even after the guests arrive and you can keep talking to them at the same time preparing the preliminary work in a jiffy!

Just look at the fun!

Ingredients:- (Yield- 8 Adais)
1. Plain oats 2 cups
2.Gram flour(besan) 1 cup
3.Salt 1-1/4 tsp
4.Red chilli powder 1-1/4 tsp
5.Curry leaves 1 or 2 sprigs
6.Cabbage (shredded) 2 cups
7.Onion(chopped) 2 cups
8.Oil (veg or sesame or Coconut) as required
9.Butter(optional) 50 gms(1/2 stick)
Mix oats, besan, salt, chilli powder, curry leaves, cabbage and onion pieces in 3 to 4 cups of water. Let the consistency be thick (If you take a ladleful of the mix in your hand it should hold). Now, pour out a spoonful of oil into the tawa or non-stick pan and put a ladleful of the prepared mix and spread it to form a small circle of 6" diameter. Pour 2 teaspoonfuls of oil to surround it. Let it get cooked for 2 or 3 minutes.By this time the lower portion would have been browned and will fill the kitchen with a nice aroma. Next, flip to the other side of the adai and pour 1 tsp of oil and a dollop of butter and let it remain for another 2 or 3 minutes. When this part also gets cooked and is beautifully browned, remove from the tawa. Repeat with the rest of the mix.

Enjoy with Vengaaya Sambar, Idli milagai-podi ,avial or just jaggery and ghee!


  1. Dear Amma,

    Welcome back to blogspot! The oats adai looks yummy! I bet you can add other veggies to this such as spinach or murungai-keerai, grated zucchini, carrots, etc. to make it a one-dish meal. It sounds good and is rather healthy too if you watch the amount of oil/butter. But adai without fat to roast the edges into a crispy delight? Naaah!


  2. Wow Athai - welcome back!

    Hope you get time to blog more...

  3. Mami:- Yummy indeed. For people like me this helps when cooking for just one becomes a nightmare.
    Will keep a watch out for your blog.

  4. mami,I'll try this recipe and share with our neighbor Patti.looks good for calorie conscious.hope u publish more interesting recipes.

  5. Mami ,
    Welcome back
    Can u add Garlic Molagaipodi recipe

  6. Good fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.