Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aavakkai pickle

As you all know,this is the season for raw matured mangoes.These are available in plenty these days and in the US,these are available in Asian vegetable markets.
One has to choose medium sized fresh and matured ones for Aavakkai.Once cut,the inside should be semi-white in colour and not yellow or saffron.Proceed with the fresh ones.If otherwise,use them for making jam or mango pachchadi !
Well, let me proceed with the preparation,now.

Cut raw mangoes: 8 cups
Spicy red chilli powder 1-1/4 cups
Sea salt 1-1/4 cups
Fenugreek seeds 2 Tblsps
Mustard powder 1-1/4 cups
Good quality Sesame oil 600 ml
Turmeric powder 1 Tblsp
Big pods of garlic 2 (optional)


Clean and cut the mangoesThe cutting should be in such a way that each piece of mango should have, along with it, a portion of the mango shell (covering the seed).Discard the seeds.Clean the mango pieces with water once again and let them dry in the sun for 2 - 4 hours.
Dry roast fenugreek seeds to a golden brown. Now, the job is almost done !
Mix together sesame oil,red chilli powder,salt,mustard powder,turmeric powder,peeled garlic pods,kabuli chana,roasted fenugreek seeds and mango pieces in a large bowl and keep mixing them until all the ingredients have blended thoroughly.Keep aside.The next day, you'll find the soaked mango pieces emitting a pleasant aroma and a nice oily film coating the entire surface.
For the first 10 days,you need to keep mixing the aavakkai at least once daily to ensure that the pickle is marinated evenly from top to bottom.Store this in glass containers or 'JAADIS'.Take a little at a time for use.
As I have always said,keep all pickles away from moist resources. Always use a dry spoon .


  1. Paati nyabagam only!
    I stopped asking Amma to make ooruga's for past 2 years! All the ooruga's which are home-made are from Bombay/Chennai(Lakshmi) and recently you in Trichy (narthangai I think?? )

  2. Hi! I am Usha from Hyderabad . Can you please tell the easiest and fastest way to make lemon pickle ? Thank you .